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Don'T Forget To Wrap These Vehicles

When you think of a vehicle wrap, you might picture a truck, van, or car that has a promotional design. For example, you'll commonly see contractors and other professionals who have wraps that aim to raise awareness about their business. While wraps on these vehicles are common, you shouldn't overlook the fact that companies that specialize in this unique form of signage can also design and produce wraps for many other vehicles. If you own one of these vehicles and you think it could benefit from a wrap, reach out to a local vehicle wrap service.


If you've recently purchased an RV for family travel, you might like the idea of changing its exterior appearance with a vehicle wrap. You can dramatically do so with a full-body wrap, but another option is to choose a wrap that only covers part of the vehicle. There are many wrap designs that you can consider. For example, you might like a simple look that primarily changes the color of the vehicle — something that might be applicable if you bought the RV for its interior amenities but you're not particularly fond of its exterior look. If you plan to vlog about your travels and build an online presence, you may even want your wrap to share your social media handles.

Golf Cart

Most conventional golf carts have a plain look, but a custom wrap can immediately improve the appearance of this small vehicle. If you have a golf cart that you use at your local course or simply rely on as a transportation option around your neighborhood, it can be fun to get it wrapped. There are countless designs to consider. You might want a vibrant look that includes flames, much like an old-school hot rod. Or, perhaps you'd favor a specific color that matches your golf bag.

Boat And Trailer

Another option to think about is getting your motorboat and trailer wrapped in a similar design. If you feel that your boat's appearance doesn't resonate with you, a wrap will allow you to completely change it. For example, perhaps it currently has a metallic finish that appears too flashy for your fishing trips. You might favor changing it to a natural matte color, perhaps even adding some camouflage elements. Your vehicle wrap company can design a custom wrap for your boat trailer so that the two elements will match when you're towing the boat.