Talking About Window Options and Placement Techniques

Know Your Options For Window Shades

Do you want to add more privacy to your home by upgrading your window shades? It will help to know what the best options are when trying to narrow down your choice of window shades.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a type of window covering that uses fabric that folds over. When the window shades are open, the fabric will stack up nicely and look like a decorative element. There are many different fold styles to pick from, such as flat, hobbled, relaxed, and ribbed pleats. That's why it will help to visit a window shade showroom demonstration so you can see how these styles look while the shades are opened and closed. 

You'll also have different material options to pick from with roman shades. Some popular choices are fabric, wood, and bamboo. Fabric shades give you a ton of options to pick from since the color and patterns of the fabric provide endless possibilities. 

However, roman shades are not best for all rooms of the home. You should avoid using roman shades in a bathroom since that fabric can absorb moisture produced from showering. 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are made out of vinyl or fabric and they roll around a tube that sits at the very top of the window. It helps create a clean look when the window shade is rolled up, so it will not distract you from other pieces of decor. You can purchase roller shades in a fabric or vinyl material, which gives you plenty of possibilities in terms of color and patterns.

It is common to pair roller shades with curtains. This is because many roller shades will black out a room, and light curtains are a way to block some light and provide privacy. You can use a combination of the two to control the light that enters the room. 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made out of two pieces of fabric that are folded together to create honeycomb-shaped cells with air pockets in them. The two layers of fabric help trap air inside the shade, which makes your home energy efficient. 

The cord runs through the shade itself and will pull down from the top, but you can upgrade cellular shades so that they detach from the top so that you only cover the bottom of the window. Cellular shades can also be made with sheer material or completely black out a room. It all depends on how much control you want of the light in the room.