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Why Window Installation Is A Lot Harder Than It Sounds

Most homes will have quite a few different types and sizes of windows littered throughout them. From large, street-facing windows to the small, frosted windows that you might have in your bathroom, every window needs to be installed with precision and care to ensure it lasts as long as it was designed to. However, the window installation process is not as simple as it sounds, and there are in fact a few reasons why this is very rarely a DIY project you can take on. Here is why window installation is best left to experts with years of experience.

Out With The Old

Obviously, before a new window can go in, the old one has to be torn out, and that is not without risks. From sharp edges on the frames of old windows that might require a tetanus shot if you cut yourself, to the weight and awkward size of the windows themselves, there is a lot that goes into removing old windows. The risk factor is increased by quite a large amount if this window is on the second or third story of your home or business, too, and even after you have everything out you need to dispose of it properly. Window contractors have all the right connections and can get rid of all your old window and window frames with minimal fuss.


Your window might seem strong when it is finally put into place and held down by a sturdy frame, but until that point, it is essentially just a few giant planes of glass that are very susceptible to breaking. Not only do you need a special truck to transport it, but lifting it up and into your home is at least a two-man job before you even get to the room where you need to set it up. If you have to pivot around corners and up some stairs, this transportation gig gets even harder.


Once you have everything ready to go, you need to make sure you aren't too tired or annoyed at the task to get the frame set inch-perfect and the glass inserted at the correct angle. This really does require a steady and careful hand and often special tools as well, or you risk falling over at the last hurdle. Window installation done by professionals looks easy because they have done it over and over again and know how to get your windows into the tiniest of spaces, but on your own, you risk ruining hundreds of dollars worth of materials, so the choice is obvious. 

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