Talking About Window Options and Placement Techniques

Considering Replacement Possibilities For A Broken Window

When a window has been broken, this is an ideal time to replace the entire feature instead of just the glass. The homeowners have the chance to improve the building with an upgrade. They might want to change the style, particularly if the current one keeps the house looking dated. A flat picture window is an example of a feature that can easily be upgraded to improve the home's appearance.


Replacing a picture window with a bay or bow version enhances both the interior and exterior of the building. These styles extend beyond the home's walls, creating extra space indoors and allowing more natural light to flow in. This is a more upscale look inside and out.

A bay window has three panes. The middle pane is fixed. The other two can be casement, angled, or double-hung to provide ventilation. A bow window has four to six panes, giving it a curved look. Each has the same style, and typically all can be opened instead of being fixed in place.


Replacing the entire feature is advisable if the frame is wood and has deteriorated significantly. Wood could be chosen again, but the homeowners will need to keep it stained or painted to prevent rotting. An alternative would be to replace it with metal or a wood frame that is clad with metal on the exterior side.


If the front of the building has two picture windows, the homeowners will probably want the styles to match. Otherwise, the home's exterior will have notable inconsistency in important features. They must decide whether to replace the broken one with the same design or have two upgraded models installed. 

Additional Possibilities

Windows that extend beyond the exterior wall can be installed in other parts of the house too. A master bedroom benefits from this style, for example. It could become a cozy nook for sitting and sipping coffee in the early morning or wine at night.

While this work is being completed, another possibility is a garden window for the kitchen. Like bay models, these have three panes, but the glass is set at 90-degree angles. Bay windows have 45-degree angles. The garden window thus looks more like a box. One of the more common uses is for growing herbs and other small plants.

Bay, bow, and garden window installation can be done by qualified contractors when homeowners need replacement service or simply want to make a change. Look into these windows and others you might like.