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Selecting Custom Window Blinds For Your Home

There are many different options when it comes to installing window blinds in your home. Often people think of blinds that you see at the home center that are white PVC material and extremely universal, but there are many custom blinds available that are much nicer but block the light out in a similar way. 

Selecting Blind Styles

When you start looking at window blinds, you might be surprised by the options that you find for your home. While horizontal blinds are extremely common in homes in the US, there are also verticle blinds that can be used in large windows or to extend from the ceiling to the floor for a specific look or feel in the room.

Before you choose the style of the blinds you want for your home, it is good to go to a home center or a custom window treatment shop and look at the blinds available to you. Sometimes the blinds will be PVC or plastic, but there are also blinds made from real wood if you are looking for that style. 

Fabric Blinds

Some custom blinds are made using a PVC blind as a base and then adding fabric to the panels to achieve a specific look. In some cases, the fabric used on the blind is the same as some furnishings in the room or maybe a different fabric intended to contrast things in the room. 

Blinds like this are not something you are going to go into a shop and buy. These blinds are made as they are needed, and most of the time, an interior designer will come up with the design after looking at your room or new furnishings that you are going to use in the home. They may choose specific colors or patterns for you, but if you don't like them, let the designer know so they can change the design. 

Electric Blinds

Another option in custom blinds that you might want to consider is an electric or power blind system. These blinds use small motors to open and close the blinds with a remote, and there are even models that will pair with your smart home assistant so you can ask them to open and close the blinds for you. 

With blinds that are smart-tech-enabled, you could set them up on a routine that opens them in the morning and closes them at night for you. These blinds are also very versatile and available in many different finishes and materials, but they will be a bit more expensive than generic blinds that are so commonly used these days.

To learn more, contact a custom window blinds service in your area.