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Installing New Windows? 3 Trends To Consider

If you are getting ready to replace the windows in your home and install new ones, you want to make sure that you are installing glass that is both stylish and functional. As you prepare to have new windows installed, be sure to consider the current design trends and see if these trends will work for your space. You can keep your home looking modern with the right glass designs in place.

Trend #1: Black Window Frames

When it comes to window frames, neutral colors have long dominated the landscape. However, this year, that trend is being bucked by a preference for black frames. Black frames work with a variety of different interior home decorating styles and exterior home design styles. They look just as good on a modern home as they do on a classic western style home. 

Black frames also turn your windows into an eye-catching focal point. With black window frames, you don't need to do anything else to bring attention to your windows; they will pop all on their own. Their eye-catching nature is part of the reason why black frames are trending right now. 

Trend #2: Wall of Windows

Another trend that is taking place is the wall of windows, where you have a wall or multiple walls that consist of floor to ceiling windows, often paired with glass doors. You can use a wall of windows inside of your home to separate two different spaces, while still allowing them to feel like they are together.

Or you can use a wall of windows to allow more natural light into your home and allow you to take in a great view, be it of the mountains, your backyard, or whatever view you enjoy most. A wall of windows can really open up your space and allow you to enjoy more natural light and more natural space. If you want to make your space feel large and open, this is a smart trend to embrace. 

Trend #3: Custom Bay Windows

Bay windows are getting a modern twist. Add some bay windows with black frames for a little extra pop. Mix things up a little bit more with geometric windows that are arranged together in a trio to create a modern twist on the old-school bay window. Geometric windows allow you to embrace an old-trend with a new twist that gives new life to this classic design. 

As you consider what type of windows you want to install in your home, consider going with black frames to really make your windows pop. Or consider adding a wall of windows or a black geometric bay window for a fun modern take.

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