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Is It Time For New Exterior Siding?

Exterior siding is a great feature to have on any home. When properly applied and maintained, it can protect a home and keep it looking great for many years to come.

However, at some point, even the very best exterior siding will start to fail. When this happens, it's important to have the siding repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could open your home up to damage and cause further problems.

To keep yourself from falling into this type of situation, educate yourself on the indicators that it may be time for new exterior siding.

You Discover A Termite Problem

Termites are awful little insects that can easily infest a home and do some major damage to it. Unfortunately, these pests are very good at going undetected for long periods of time. Thus, when you finally do discover them, they've often already done considerable damage.

Hopefully, this will never happen to you. But, if it does, once you've got the termite problem under control, have a professional carefully inspect your exterior siding for any resulting damage. If there is damage, especially if it's severe, you may need a few repairs or a full replacement depending on the extent of the damage.

You're Planning to Sell Your Home

It might seem funny to think about getting new exterior siding when you're about to sell your home, but it's actually a smart idea. Siding can add a lot of value to a home, which may allow you to earn a higher profit when you sell. Furthermore, nice, fresh siding is very attractive and can increase curb appeal and make your home faster and easier to sell.

Whether you have old siding that needs an update or have never had siding before, definitely consider this option before listing your home.

You've Suffered Storm Damage

Strong winds and serious storms can wreak major havoc on your siding. If a recent weather event has left you with missing, loose, or otherwise damaged siding pieces, don't just let the problem go. Protect your home by having the siding inspected and then making the choice to replace or repair it from there.

Also, if you do replace your siding, ask about storm-proofing options to prevent future damage, especially if you live in an area that's prone to storms.

Siding is always a great investment. But, to keep it nice, do your part. Regularly inspect your siding and take care of any problems promptly for best results.