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Home Renovation Guide To Replacing Damaged Entrance Doors To Make Your Home Modern And Secure

If you are doing renovations to your home, there are improvements like installing replacement windows and doors that can greatly improve the appearance of your home. The replacement windows provide attractive solutions for energy efficiency and design, but what about the doors?  When you are replacing the entrance doors, you want them to be attractive, efficient, and secure. The following home renovation replacement door guide will help make your home more secure when you replace the exterior doors:

1. Remove The Old Door and Its Casing To Evaluate The Condition Of The Opening

The first step in preparing to install replacement doors is to remove the old doors. You will also want to completely remove the casing to inspect the wood framing for problems and damage. You will want to inspect the opening for problems with rot due to insects and water, as well as the structural framing for weak points that can make the opening vulnerable to being kicked in if a criminal is trying to break into your home.

2. Repairing Damage and Reinforcing The Wood Structural Framing To Ensure The New Door Is Secure

If there is damage that needs to be repaired before the new door can be installed, this gives you an opportunity to reinforce the opening. The main supports for the door should extend below the subfloor if you have a wood floor system or attached with metal post boots if the subfloor is a concrete slab. In addition, the beam above the door should be solid and can also be reinforced with a still plate in the middle.

3. Reinforcing The New Opening With Metal Plates To Make It Impossible To Kick In

Just like reinforcement that can be added to the beam above the door, you will also want to consider reinforcing the opening with metal security plates. These reinforcements can be installed on both sides of the opening and include a steel plate that extends to the height of the ceiling, instead of just to the height of the door casing.

4. Choosing The Right Replacement Doors For Different Areas Of Your Home and Security Where It Is Needed

There are different types of replacement doors that you can use for the different areas of your home. For entrances that face roads and are more vulnerable, you want to avoid designs that make them vulnerable, such as glass features and side windows. If you do want to have glass features, you can talk to the replacement door service about doors that have security glass for these design features.

These are some of the things that can be done to make your home more secure when you install replacement doors during major renovation projects. If you are ready to complete your renovation project with new doors, contact a replacement door service and talk to them about the improvements to make them more secure.