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Two Advantages Of Using Motorized Shades As Window Treatments In Your Home

Whether the current window treatments in your home are worn out or dated, you may be ready to replace them with new ones. However, before you decide to replace them with curtains or standard shades, consider the advantages below to using motorized shades as window treatments in your home instead.

1.  Protect Your Furniture from Fading More Easily

One advantage of having motorized shades on your home's windows is that you can more easily protect your furniture from fading. Currently, if you want natural light streaming into your home while you are at work or do not want to come home to a closed up, dark house, you have to open your curtains and shades before you leave.

However, doing this also exposes your furniture to constant sunlight during the day. The daily exposure to ultraviolet light on your furniture will cause them to fade and can even break down the material over time.

However, since motorized shades can connect to smart home apps, you can control when the shades are opened and closed while you are at work. You can close them during the part of the day when the light shines into your living, thus blocking the UV rays of the sun when they are most intense. Then, before you get home, you can go ahead and open them so that you can come home to a house with natural light.

2.  Deter Potential Thieves When You Aren't Home

Another benefit of having motorized shades is that they can add another level of security by deterring thieves while you are away from home. When thieves are checking out a house to break into, they look to see if there is any movement inside, which includes whether or not the curtains and shades are opened or closed.

If you have motorized shades and can control them with your smartphone, you can periodically open the shades, wait a couple of hours, then close them partially or completely. If someone who is scoping out your house to rob sees the shades opening and closing, they may assume that someone is home and be less likely to try to break in.

After learning just a couple of the advantages of using these types of shades to replace your current window treatments, you may be ready to learn more about them. Contact a company in your area that offers motorized window shades like Shades West to learn more about their benefits and find out about any available options.