Talking About Window Options and Placement Techniques

Considering Replacement Windows? 4 Questions You May Have

One home improvement project you may want to take care of is replacing those aging windows. Putting in a new window means that you'll have improved energy efficiency and comfort in your home. If this is a home upgrade you've never done before, you may have questions about the process. Here are a few common questions homeowners have about window replacement.

Does Window Replacement Create a Big Mess?

If you've been worried about getting window replacement because of the mess it will make inside your home, know that it will be fairly clean. While there will temporarily be a big hole in your home while the old window is being removed, steps are taken to keep the mess to a minimum. It is common to tape plastic to the wall on the inside of the home to prevent dust and debris from getting inside, while most of the work is done from the outside. Make sure to turn off your HVAC system at the time of the replacement so any stray dust does not get sucked into the return air vents.

Is Insulated Glass Worth It?

One upgrade option you'll have when getting new windows is insulated glass. This is a window that has two or three panes of glass, and uses a special gas between the panes to provide insulation. This upgrade to your windows can be beneficial, even with only double-pane glass. Your home will definitely be more energy efficient, and the new windows will help to block out more noise from a busy street.

Do All Windows Need to Be Upgraded at Once?

While there are some cost-saving benefits of having all of your windows replaced together, know that you do not have to upgrade all of them if you do not want to. If you are hesitant to replace some windows due to your budget, such as basement or garage windows, feel free to hold off on doing the upgrade. These can always be done later when you are ready for them.

Does Window Tinting Need to Be Added at the Time of Installation?

An optional upgrade for new windows is window tinting. However, you may be wondering when this needs to be done. While you can order glass that has a natural tint, it is also possible for you to add it later. You can do this by adding a window film that tints the windows, which can also be easily removed if you want to go back to clear glass.

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