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Are You Ready For Electrochromic Glass?

Windows are becoming more advanced in so many exciting ways. Modern windows are utilizing cutting-edge technologies to make them smarter, more efficient, and easier to use. Some of these technologies are still rather young, so they are a little expensive and impractical for most homeowners. But, there are some emerging smart window technologies that are bound to be common in many homes. This article looks at one technology that you should familiarize yourself with if you are going to buy new windows.

What Are Electrochromic Windows?

Electrochromic windows use an amazing technology that enables you to add shade to your glass. With the push of a button, you can darken your window panes. How does this work? The glass is wired so that an electric charge can pulse through it. The glass is specially designed so that, when the charge is activated, the particles become darker. It is just like having a tinted window. But, it is far more convenient because you can add as much or as little tint as you want. That is, you don't need to make it completely dark, you can just do it halfway to slightly darken the room. This enables you to reduce how much heat comes through your glass. On a sunny day, when the sun rays are beating down on your glass, the brightness can really affect the temperature inside your house, and also cause interior surfaces to fade. Upholstery, carpet, and paint can all lose their color if they are exposed to harsh sunlight on a daily basis.

Electrochromic windows are practical and super convenient for you they can be controlled with the push of a button, or with a smartphone application. This is the same technology that can be used to turn a clear piece of glass into a mirror. Also, you don't have to worry about there being a left any electrical issues with the glass. That is, the glass isn't going to shock you if you touch it. It isn't any more susceptible to moisture damage than regular glass. It will be just as strong as reliable as normal window glass panes.

The thing about electric room windows is that they aren't that popular left yet in residential construction. So, the styles are still very limited, and they are quite expensive. But, if you think about adding them to just a few of the fixtures around your house, it could be very beneficial.

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