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3 Window Treatment Options For A Minimalist Style Room

Minimalism is a popular choice for interior design for many American homeowners. It's sleek, streamlined and provides a highly contemporary look for a modern home. One of the most important elements in a minimalist style room is the choice of window dressing. It needs to be functional and provide privacy, light reduction and insulation, as well as providing a clean and fuss-free profile to the pared-down feel of the room. Here are three readily available, practical and attractive window treatment options that you might like to consider for your minimalist style room.

1. Window shutters

Window shutters are an excellent choice for minimalist style decor. They sit neatly and unobtrusively within the window frame and are generally a neutral color that blends in seamlessly with a monochromatic or all-white minimalist interior.

Shutters also provide you with great flexibility and control over the amount of light, breeze, and privacy your windows provide. You can have them partially opened by flipping the louvers up or down, or you can open them completely for an unrestricted view and plenty of natural light.

2. Blinds

Blinds are another excellent option for a simple, minimalist window treatment. You can choose from roller blinds, Roman blinds or Venetian blinds, depending on the size of the window and your aesthetic preferences. Like shutters, blinds can be installed snugly within the window frame, keeping the visual lines of the walls and windows clean and uninterrupted.

There are several modern features that will help to make your blinds more practical and provide enhanced performance. Dual roller blinds mean that you can have a privacy or black-out blind that also has an underlayer of privacy or UV screen so that you can enjoy the light without feeling exposed to either people's gaze or harmful UV rays from the sun.

3. Window film

For the ultimate minimalist window treatment, you can opt to essentially not have one at all. Using window film on your windows' glass instead of adding shutters or blinds will ensure that you don't add extraneous items to an elegantly simple and serene room.

The best window film for this purpose is a privacy film. This clever product means that you'll have a clear view of the outside world but no one will be able to see through to the interior of your home. You can also add a UV repelling film to your window which will protect your furnishings and your skin from the sunlight.