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How To Tell It's Time For New Windows

One part of your home that may need to be upgraded are the windows. However, you may not know what you should be looking for to tell if it is time to make this home improvement. Here are 3 signs to look out for that will let you know you need to get new windows.

The Window's Glass Fogs Up

One reason to be concerned with the performance of an older window is if the glass often has fog on it. This problem occurs due to a change in temperature, with the glass being much cooler than the warm air inside your home. Condensation will then form on the glass, which will cause additional problems to be concerned about.

As the water drips down the glass window pane, it will get into the windows seal. It's also possible for water to get into the wall beneath the window. It can cause drywall to become damaged, get into insulation, and cause mold to grow within the window itself.

The Window Has A Draft

While a window can feel good when a cool breeze passes through in the summer, this is only something you want to happen when you intentionally open a window. A closed window should not have any places where air is leaking through to the opposite side.

If you feel a draft coming through, start by verifying that your window has actually been sealed shut by making sure it can lock. It's possible that a window has a small gap at the top if it is a double hung window, and the air may be coming in at the top behind your blinds or window covering.

It will be time to get new windows if you feel a draft come through, even after verifying that every part of the window is closed. Drafts can be the reason for an increased heating bill in the winter, and a higher cooling bill in the summer.

The Window Won't Stay Open

It is not normal to prop a window open because it will not stay in the position that you want. This means that the window is not sealing well around the edges, and could be causing drafts around the area where the window meets the track. Having the window replaced may be the only option to improve the seal that the window needs.

For more reasons for why a window may need replacement, reach out to a window contractor in your area.