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Three Locations In Your Home To Strongly Consider Tempered Glass

When you're wanting to make some upgrades to your home, one of the areas to consider is your windows. Old windows can not only be an eyesore, but can also be highly inefficient by allowing exterior air to flow into your home and reduce the efficiency of your heating or cooling solutions. When it comes time to pick replacement windows, you may wish to consider tempered glass. Used in automotive windows but useful in residential applications, too, tempered glass is valuable because it is strong and, in the event that it breaks, it won't leave sharp shards that could cause injuries. Here are three locations in the home to consider tempered glass:

Backyard-Facing Windows

If you have children who are into sports, there's a strong probability that your backyard will become a makeshift sports field for football, baseball, soccer, and other activities. The amount of hours that your children will be playing sports with projectiles so close to your home means that your windows may eventually get broken. If a football or baseball does manage to sail through a window, you don't want it shattering into razor-sharp pieces that could hurt someone inside or outside. Even though a broken window is always an inconvenience, using tempered glass for these windows will lower the risk of injuries.

Garage Windows

If your garage door has windows, you'll appreciate how they make the door look from the outside, as well as the fact that they allow some light into a part of your home that may not otherwise have windows. When you're thinking about replacing these windows, tempered glass can be a smart choice. There's a risk of these windows breaking if something in a crowded garage falls into them or even if a family member backs his or her car into the garage door and creates enough of an impact. You don't want glass shards in the driveway where they could puncture tires or inside the garage where a family member or pet could step on them. With tempered glass, you won't have this concern.

Interior Doors

Glass doors inside a home have many benefits, including making the space around them feel roomier. If you have a sliding door, for example, and want to change it into a glass door, tempered glass is your best bet. This type of door won't be a safety risk of a family member, or pet inadvertently walks into it without seeing it, nor will it leave dangerous shards of glass if it's slammed hard enough to break.