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4 Ways To Protect Your Windows When You Live In Storm Country

Any homeowner with a home located in an area of the country that experiences tornadoes or frequent high-powered wind storms need to make sure that they know how to properly protect their windows when these types of storms hit.

#1 Shatter Resistant Windows

The first place to start is with the window themselves. You can now purchase windows that are designed to be shatter-resistant. In reality, they are not perfectly shatter-resistant. However, they have been engineered and tested to withstand impact from objects flying at high speeds without breaking. Shatter-resistant windows are also designed so that if they do break, the pieces stay together and do not go flying everywhere.

Shatter-resistant windows are a great invention; however, they are really costly. If you are not building a new home, replacing all of your existing windows with shatter-resistant windows can be expensive

#2 Window Films

Second, you can purchase window film at your local home improvement store. Window film is applied to the inside of your windows. Window film does not strengthen your windows. Rather, if something were to impact your windows and cause them to break, the window film would keep all the pieces of glass in place. It will prevent the shards of glass from flying into your home and harming you if your windows were to break during a storm. It protects you, but it really doesn't protect your windows from damage.

#3 Plywood

You can use plywood to cover up your windows when a tornado warning has been confirmed within your area. In order for the plywood to really protect your home, it needs to be really thick plywood, close to an inch thick, if you want to keep your windows safe.

A big downside to using plywood to protect your windows is you would need to measure and cut down the plywood to the right size before any storm warning is issued. You would also need to be able to quickly attach the plywood to your home and cover up all your windows on your own if a storm warning were to be issued.

#4 Storm Shutters

The best way to protect your windows is by installing storm shutters. Storm shutters are designed to be permanently fixed to the outside of your home. They are made out of strong materials that have been tested to withstand high force winds.

The great thing about storm shutters is that they are permanently fixed to your home, so when a storm warning is issued, all you need to do is open up your storm shutters.

You can install storm shutters that you have to manually open and anchor in place, or you can purchase electronic storm shutters, that open up and anchor in place just by pressing a button. These types of storm shutters are great to install on hard-to-reach windows or if you are not physically able to shut your storm shutters.

Have a plan in place to protect your windows against high-forced winds if you live in an area that regularly gets tornado warnings. For more information, talk to a company like Unique Home Solutions.