Talking About Window Options and Placement Techniques

Energy Efficient Window Tips Of All Kinds

Your windows are a great feature in your home. They allow you to look out and view the world around you from the comfort of your home. They let the sunshine light up your house, and they let you look out into the darkness to see the stars in the sky without going outside. However, they can also let too much heat in during the summer and too much cold in during the winter.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do in order to ensure your windows aren't causing you too much grief or money when it comes to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Here are some tips on how you can keep your home comfortable for less and ways you can add a decorative look to them:

Have awnings installed above the windows on the exterior of your home

Awnings can give your home some extra decoration. If you happen to have a relatively flat home, then the awnings can even add some needed dimension. However, another fantastic benefit they give you is they help you to cut down on the heat that will come through the windows by shading them from the direct sunlight.

Go with white sheer blinds instead of darker colored ones

If you go with dark colored blinds, then they can attract the sun where white or beige blinds will actually help to keep the house a little bit cooler. Also, there's something about white blinds that gives a home a more airy feel that just helps you to feel cooler.

Put up thick draperies

You can have thick draperies that you can pull back when you want to enjoy the sunshine. However, when the hot part of the day comes, you can close them and help block some of the hotter temps from finding their way in. In that same respect, you can close them on cold days to keep the coldness from seeping inside. Thick draperies can also add the perfect touch to your décor as long as you choose a pattern that goes well with your furniture and other décor.

Have wooden shutters installed on the exterior

You can have wooden shutters installed that are mostly for decoration, but they can be helpful on exceptionally hot days to completely block out the sun's rays so you have an easier time keeping things cool on the inside.

Have double paned windows put in

Double-paned windows contain two sheets of glass with a small amount of air between them that will actually act as insulation. These windows can really help prevent the hot or cold weather from outside making its way into your home.