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Real Wooden Windows Are Eco-Friendly

A window should be a constant concern if you are worried about keeping your home energy efficient. Simply put, it is difficult to run an eco-friendly household if your windows are leaky and inefficient. Most people shopping for eco-friendly window replacement products choose materials that are synthetic, like PVC or fiberglass. While there are certain perks of using these low maintenance products, they just don't have the natural feel of real wood. This article explains why real wood is a great material for the homeowners who want eco-friendly windows.

Wooden Windows are Eco-Friendly

Wooden windows are eco-friendly in two ways. First of all, you can buy recycled and salvaged wooden windows. The production of recycled windows is environmentally-friendly. Also, the unique finishes and stains that you can find on recycled products are one of a kind. Homeowners love owning unique salvaged products. Wooden windows are also eco-friendly when you consider how much insulation they add to your home. With new wooden windows, your home will have much better insulation and you will be able to enjoy reduced heating and cooling bills. The level of insulation depends on several factors, like the thickness of the frames and how many panes they have.

Wood Maintenance is Simple

Some people are worried about how much maintenance will be required to keep up wooden windows. In reality, the maintenance is not too bad, so it should not dissuade you. In most environments, you will only need to refinish your wooden windows once over an entire decade. This is actually a conservative estimate, especially when you consider that some homeowners never invest in refinishing their wooden windows. Eventually, the paint or stain finish on your wood will fade and expose the wood, which can lead to warping and other forms of water damage. These can be particularly harmful if you have movable windows. When warping gets to a certain point, you might not be able to easily open or close your fixtures. But, as long as you take the necessary precautions, window warping won't be an issue.

Wooden windows might seem like a thing of the past, but they are made in the modern styles. There is no denying that wood looks great as a window material. Some people end up choosing synthetic products, because they claim to require no maintenance, but they may not look as good as real wood. Talk with a company like Phoenix Window Fashions for more information.