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3 Things To Consider When Installing Glass Railings

When you want to enjoy an unobstructed view from your home's deck, it can be beneficial to invest in glass railings. These railings consist of clear panes of glass that act as a barrier between the edge of your deck and the drop-off below.

Here are three things that you should consider when you are installing glass railings to ensure that you are satisfied with your new railings well into the future.

1. Consider using tinted glass.

Tinted glass panes can be used in glass railings to help make the railings slightly more visible. This increased visibility can be beneficial if you have small children or pets who may struggle to see where the glass railings are connected to your deck.

The tinting is often subtle enough to prevent it from obstructing the view through the glass panes, and tinted railings can actually help eliminate some of the glare associated with direct sunlight and piled snow to help make your deck area more comfortable.

2. Consider using wood posts.

When you want to marry a modern aesthetic with a home that has a more traditional feel, you can combine glass panes with wood posts to create a unique railing system. It's important that you remember to leave room for the glass panes to move slightly inside the wood frame if you plan to use wood posts.

If the glass fits too snugly inside the wood frame, it can crack under the pressure created by wind or people leaning against each pane. Leaving a little room for the glass to move will help to prevent damaged glass railings in the future.

3. Consider upgrading your deck to support the added weight.

Glass railings can give you the view you want from your deck, but the panes of glass can also weigh more than traditional deck railing systems. You should take the time to have an experienced contractor evaluate the quality and condition of your deck prior to installing glass railings.

Invest in any upgrades that are needed to ensure your deck can support the added weight of glass railings before you install these railings on your property.

Being able to recognize some of the unique considerations that are associated with glass railings will help you carefully plan for the installation of your own glass railings on your home's deck. Be sure to think about investing in tinted glass, using wood posts to marry modern and traditional looks, and upgrade your deck to support the added weight of multiple glass panes before you install glass railings in the future.