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2 Common Questions About Getting Replacement Windows

When you have been living in a home for a long time, there will eventually come a time where you'll need to replace the windows. Replacement is can be necessary due to damage or normal wear on the windows from being exposed to the weather. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of what the process involves because they have never had it done before. Here are some common question about having new windows installed on a home. 

Can Windows Be Installed In The Winter?

It's possible that you have a misconception about when replacement windows can be installed, assuming that the cold months of winter are off limits for this household repair. This is simply not true, and windows can be replaced at any point during the year.

If you're concerned about cold air or snow getting into your home while the windows are being replaced, this is not something you should be worried about. After doing the necessary prep work on the inside of your home to the old window, the contractors can tape a plastic tarp to the wall around where the window is located. The rest of the replacement is done from the outside of the home, and the plastic is removed to finish the installation once the window is in place. There will be no mess left behind in your home because of this, which is why it is possible to replace windows at any time.

Are New Storm Windows Needed With New Windows?

Due to the climate that you live in, storm windows may be essential to ensure that your home is safe during strong storms. This may have caused you to purchase strong storm windows in the past, which were an expensive investment at the time. That's why homeowners try to retain their storm windows when having new windows put on their home, and are concerned about the possibility of needing to replace them as well.

If your replacement windows are also the same size as the old ones, there shouldn't be any concern with needing to replace those storm windows. What you need to be concerned about is if there is a change in size that leaves any gaps with where your storm window meets your home. If air is able to get underneath the gap, the protection that your storm window offers will be diminished

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