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3 Ways To Make Your Windows Secure Against Break-Ins

If you want to increase the security of your home, start by taking a look at your windows. Windows are often one of the weakest points of defense against break-ins. Here are three easy ways you can make your windows more secure and protect yourself against break-ins. 

Change The Locks On Your Windows

If you have older windows, one of the best ways to increase your security is by changing out the locks. It can be easy for someone who is attempting to illegally enter your residence to wiggle the locks loose. 

Another option is to install a lock that requires a key to open it. You would need to have a window installer change out the lock you currently have on your window for one that requires a key. You can add locks to the windows in your general living spaces. However, it is probably not a good idea to put a lock on your bedroom windows. If there is ever a fire, you will want to be able to escape through your window without worrying about finding a key. 

Use A Dowel To Keep Your Window In Place

Another way to secure your windows is by using a strong wooden dowel. If you have a window that opens horizontally, the dowel would need to be as long as the part that opens. The dowel would be placed in the window track behind a movable section of your window. If someone tried to force open your window, the dowel would provide resistance against their force and keep your window secure.

If you have a window that opens vertically, you would need to measure the length diagonally of the top half of your window, and cut the dowel accordingly. Once again, the dowel would prevent someone from forcing your window open from the outside.

A dowel is a safe way to secure your window because it keeps unwanted intruders from coming into your house, but you can also easily remove it if you want open your window up for some fresh air or if you need to exit your house through your window for any reason. 

Install Individual Window Alarms

You can also purchase window alarms to install on all of your windows from your local home improvement store. These window alarms are generally battery operated and can be turned on and off manually or with a remote. They are easy to install. Generally you just stick them onto your window frame or even directly onto the glass. Be sure to read the instructions that come with any window alarms  you purchase; different models may have specific instructions on where you should place them. 

The alarms are triggered if the glass is broken or if the glass is shaken. These are both seen as signs that someone is trying to break in. The alarm will beep loudly when it is triggered. For more information, contact a local window company like Simpson Windows and Doors.

If you want to increase the security of your house, consider installing stronger locks on your widows, securing them with wooden dowels and installing individual window alarms. You can do most of these tasks on your own if you want to, or you can have local window repair shop help you with these security upgrades.